FAA Certified Drone Pilots

FAA Certified Drone Pilots

FAA Certified Drone PilotsFAA Certified Drone PilotsFAA Certified Drone Pilots

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial PhotographyAerial PhotographyAerial Photography

  • Hi Res Imaging & Editing
  • Videography
  • Cinematography

Engineering & Infrastructure

Engineering & Infrastructure

Engineering & InfrastructureEngineering & InfrastructureEngineering & Infrastructure

  • Inspections
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Orthomosaic Imaging

Drone Education

Drone Education

Drone EducationDrone EducationDrone Education

  • Curriculum & Hands-On Instruction
  • For Schools & Educators
  • For Adults, Children & Families
  • Part 107 Test Preparation

Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections

Roof InspectionsRoof InspectionsRoof Inspections

Certified & Insured




  • Site Planning & Inspections
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Communication with Management & Investors
  • Asset Management

About Us

We Are Droners!


We’ve been called geeks. You can even call us freaks. We don't care. We’re looking for open-minds, ready to try something fresh, exciting and undeniably relevant. After all; the future is for droners. Don't believe us? Just wait and see....drone education is the key.

The Urgent Need


The US and China are in a race for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dominance and within ten years the world will be a very different place. STEAM Drone Education is vital to our future.

Why Us?


  • Do you find the thought of drones making home deliveries scary or exciting? 
  • Wonder how we ever had good TV before drone photography? 
  • Wonder if you'll have your own drone running your errands? 
  • Wonder why everyone benefits from drone education?

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Industrial Drone Services

Real Estate / Cinematography


Whether you have a beautiful home nestled in the hills of the Hudson Valley, or you want footage of a scenic mountain landscape, or an action segment on the athletic field; we can help you capture the perfect shot.

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Send us the details of the job you want us to quote, the class you want to attend, or the type of program you're looking to implement, and we'll be happy to contact you with a price and more information.

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